I am very picky when it comes to food and even pickier when it comes to eating Korean food. I think it stems down from back in high school when my seatmate would always be a Korean person because our last names were so close to each other. Trust me when I say when you look in my yearbook I am the ONLY black person on the page. So, needless to say, that I was always exposed to their culture and to their food. I am not complaining. I love Korean food just authentic Korean food. I hate HATE Americanized food in ANY culture.

Seeing as though I currently don't have a car and have to rely solely on public transportation and Ubers...I wanted to try out some new restaurants in the area. Funny story I actually found Bul years ago and saved it in my phone but never got around to visiting because of their business hours being on the later side. I really wanted to go so I made sure on my next date we went. I LOVED IT! Their menu is quite affordable but the only thing is they don't give you any Banchan ( small side dishes ). I normally visit Korean restaurants for the Banchan alone. I am a lover for some really spicy Kimchi!

We ordered Raboki & O-Dari for staters. Raboki is one of my favorite Korean dishes. It's Ramen, Dukbokki and fish cakes. They added pieces of fried vegetable mandu ( dumplings ) and oh my goodness it was so delicious! I wish it was spicier but non the less I enjoyed it! I didn't touch the O-Dari because I don't like squid. For my main dish, I ordered KFC ( Korean Fried Chicken ) and my date ordered a spicy seafood bibimbap bowl. Which was destroyed by how delicious it was. Overall we will definitely go back!


You guys know that I love and THRIVE in FALL! I love cooler days & nights and the transition into light sweaters, denim jackets, and hoodies! Yesterday was the first official day of Fall and whilst I didn't leave my apartment ( I tend to stay home on Mondays) I wanted to go out today and just walk around enjoy the weather and see what inspiration I could get. My sister did ask me if I could watch my niece and nephew but since she changed her mind and decided to take them to daycare...I will just enjoy the day writing, creating content and maybe do a little shopping.

Hopefully, I don't see a lot of cute things cause I am also trying to revamp my apartment and add more decorative pieces here and there. I know that I wanted to get a really nice glass jewelry container from H&M but the only one that has a home section is in Georgetown and I don't really feel like traveling all the way there when they might not even have it.

Oh, guys I also got the new iPhone 11 Pro and I will be writing a detailed review about it since it's different than what Apple has come out with in the past. I have only had it for a few days but so far I am liking it. The 3 cameras in the back tend to be forgotten after a while. At least in my opinion. I also have some other beauty reviews coming your way so bare with me! I need to go back to dedicating a day to just writing out a crap ton of posts for you guys and scheduling them. I also need to get back into shooting in bulk. Like I said...I thrive in Fall so this is going to be the months that I shine before Winter!

Hello all and happy Sunday! September is coming to an end and this month has been a little overwhelming for me to say the least. Instagram has blocked my account yet again and I am a little frustrated cause I have so many deadlines due. So, I have decided to write about each deadline here on the blog and post them to my backup page until my Instagram page is back. Fingers crossed that I am able to post on Monday cause like I said....deadlines. You guys can follow my backup page here

The first topic I wanted to talk about was a brand called I-Blason. I am pretty sure you guys have seent their products before. Whether it's on Instagram or even on Amazon! 

With that being said I am definitely a sucker for aesthetically pleasing items. Especially ones that protect my electronics. I always say that even though these items were gifted...all thoughts and opinions are my own! I honestly actually tend to stay far away from pink but I have been loving blush pink for the past year. It's such a pleasing color. It's not too bright and not too crazy. That was probably one of the reasons that the Cosmo Set caught my eye. 

The collection includes:

I think that the only issue that I had from this entire collection was the fact that the Apple Watch Band was way too big on my wrist. That is the only downfall. I have really tiny wrists so certain watches or bracelets don't look right on me. Other than that I actually give this collection 4/5! I love a matte finish which the iPad case and the laptop case both have. The phone case is on the glossy side but it's still super protective. Which is much needed if you drop your phone as much as I do. 

Thank you for reading my review! Stay tuned for the next one! 

Building the perfect Fall/Winter Wardrobe on a budget isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I tend to purchase half if not my ENTIRE wardrobe on sale or even from thrift stores. You can find some amazing oversized sweaters in the men's section of thrift stores which is perfect for layering or even wearing it with leggings and OTK Boots. I personally think that the issue is we all want to stay on trend so we constantly think that we need to continuously shop to feel important or even to stay relative. Especially since social media is SO big now.

Me? I am a serious outfit repeater and I have absolutely no shame in that. My wardrobe consists of basically the same items in an array of variety. Blazers, Jeans, Basic Tees, and Sneakers. For the past year, I have added Satin Midi Skirts into the mix and I actually love it. I can dress them up or down which is a win-win in my book. For overwear though since we are creeping up on Fall/Winter...is a mixture of Denim Jackets, Teddy Coats and light jackets. Everything right now in my wardrobe can be worn mixed and matched with other items. I love love love neutral colors at the moment because I just think that they are way easier to style. When I first started blogging my wardrobe was definitely all over the place and I definitely wore way more color than I do today.

I will give you an example whenever I am in doubt when it comes to figuring out an outfit. I go with my basics or what I like to call my go-to outfit. During the cooler Fall nights...I normally add a blazer, denim jacket or a teddy coat. Pretty simple right? You can definitely dress it up or down depending on your mood but for example with my outfit in this picture. I went out to dinner and I didn't feel the need to dress up but I still wanted to be cute. This particular day was kinda nippy so I opted for a denim jacket over a blazer, I added a fedora and threw on some pointed black booties. Obviously adding a black bag as a key staple piece to this outfit was a must. I personally think that everyone needs to own a black bag in their lives.

Wow, I feel like this post is a few days late but better late than never right? I cannot believe that we are in September already! I swear it was just yesterday that August just started and I was coming back from a crazy uncomfortable road trip from San Diego all the way to Maryland. August was definitely interesting, to say the least. There were definitely more down days than great days but I am hoping to turn it around this month. I don't think anything will top being able to meet Niko and the NARS team. It was literally the craziest thing to happen to me! Why? Because it was completely unexpected!

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From traveling to Florida for a wedding to heading all the way to Vegas with my Mother. I can definitely say that it has been such an experience. I want to go back to California for sure to visit LA, San Fransisco and of course San Diego again because I really want to experience it!

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Current songs on rotation

Paris In The Rain - Lauv
No One - Lee Hi
Superhuman - NCT 127
Rise & Fall - Sarah Suhairi
Imported - Jessica Reyez & 6LACK
Nobody Love - Tori Kelly

Like I said I know that this post is beyond late but I guess better late than never right?

Welcome back to my blog everyone!

I cannot believe that we are already in the second week of September!? I wanted to write a monthly recap post which I actually started but for some odd reason, I just didn't publish it. Maybe I wasn't 100% satisfied with the wording or what I was talking about or maybe August wasn't just as eventful as I would have hoped. Anyways this is another food post!

This past weekend I visited a restaurant called Farmers & Distillers. Austin invited a few of us to dine with him for their all you can eat Brunch Buffet this past Saturday and of course, I was delighted to go! 1 because I really missed him and 2 because I wanted to try out a new restaurant. I mean another reason adding would be because I needed new content to post on Instagram for you guys!

Farmers & Distillers is one restaurant that I am actually looking forward to going back to! I want to go back to experience their breakfast options again along with lunch and dinner! Yes, the food is just THAT bloody good!

Overall I give my experience 10/10!


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