Summer Classics


I can't believe that it's already Monday! It still feels as though last week and the weekend just started but alas we are in the LAST week of JUNE! Would love to hear about you're plans for July and of course the 4th!

Denim X Denim


It's Thursday! I cannot be the only one who thinks that the days, weeks and months are going by rather quickly! Some of you are probably scratching your heads like 'yeah she's right.

Monochrome Mondays

Hello Lovelies! Happy Monday! As I have mentioned in my last blog post I have recently dyed my hair another color! I guess you can say that I was bored with my old color. ( That fast I know ) Also the highlights were really drying out my hair. So, my hair is now ( drum roll please ) B L U E with hints of purple!

Camel Coats X Statement Necklaces

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thursday!

It's crazy how the month just started but yet were already coming to the end of it! I hope it's not just me but I feel like the days are getting shorter! Not enough time in a day now? Need too step up my time management ASAP! Although I am fairly good when it comes to time and appointments.

Monochrome X Pop of Color

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! How was all of my Lovelies weekends? I really would like to hear about it! So, on the 9th we celebrated my little sisters graduation from high-school and my family and I couldn't be more excited and not to mention proud of her! Now there is only one to go! With that being said I have a while before my little brother walks across the stage.

Summer Hues X Black on Rainy Says

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! How has your draining week been so far? On Tuesday I got all dressed up to go to my little sisters graduation from high-school. I still cannot believe that she is graduating! I didn't mean that in any bad way or anything it just means she's no longer my baby sister but a grown woman now!

Summer Hues X Saturday Morning Breakfast

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! I honestly find it so much easier to cue up my posts now! I am not sure why I never thought of it before! It saves me a lot of time so that way I can start working on other things for you guys! Part of me feels so bad cause I really enjoyed sitting down and writing out my blog posts  on the given day but I will be able to do a lot more for you Lovelies!

Summer Hues X Stripe Obsession

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! There is nothing that I admire more than Oxfords, Sneakers , Stripes and Satchels! I honestly don't know what I would do without them. To you Lovelies it shouldn't be a surprise anymore unless you're new to my blog and if that is the case then ' Welcome my new Lovelies '.

Summer Hues X Wild Greys

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday and welcome to JUNE! I can't believe that it's already June! This year is flying by so fast for me! It just means that I have to work even harder and not to mention faster! Sometimes I wish that I could just quit my job and become a full time blogger. Maybe one day my dreams will be turned into a reality! just have to keep working hard towards it!

So. since we are in June it only means one thing : SUMMER! One of the projects that I came up with to work on was a Summer Lookbook. I decided to call it my Summer Hues Look instead and if you Lovelies haven't guessed it yet this look is number 1.

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