Ah, Mothers Day! There is nothing like the connection that one has with their Mother. In my case with my 2 Mothers. I don't think that I ever shared this but my Aunt actually raised me until I was 3 because my Dad passed away before I was born and my Mum was in a really bad place. She has postpartum depression and heartbreak from becoming a widow so she was in no place to raise a 3 kids alone let alone a newborn who needed major attention. So, I always say that I have 2 Mothers on Mothers Day. I call my Aunt & I tell her Happy Mothers Day every year!


My Mother isn't very hard to shop for. I normally give her money and let her pick what she wants because that is basically the easiest thing to do without her hording shit. During Christmas I did however pick some items for her that I KNEW she needed like a new robe, a spa set or relaxation etc. This time I wanted to bounce off of that and create another relaxation gift guide for her! I am also making this list hoping that my siblings see it and also pick an item from this list to get her as well.


Just so you know...the gym literally relaxes her and she can be there for about 3-4 hours without realising that time has passed at all! If you are interested in purchasing any of these items then all you have to do is click on the photo and it will take you to the website!




Hello my lovely readers! How are you all doing today?

I have been getting a lot of questions about what Camera I use to shoot my instagram photos with. Well, I am FINALLY updating this post!

When I first started blogging...I was using my Note 3 phone that I had at the time. The quality of the photos were shit now that I actually look back at those photos. I went from shooting with my Note 3 to using a used Canon Rebel t3i that I bought off of Ebay. The condition was great and it came with 2 lenses which to me was great. I immediately noticed a difference with the photos. What I really needed to work on at the time was posing and getting comfortable in front of the camera.

With the passing years... I wanted to get better. I wanted my photos to stand out and I started to work harder. When I first started blogging. It wasn't as popular as it is now. So, I never thought that I needed my photos to be on point and of course my personal style was an understatement. My style has changed so much since I started blogging it is ridiculous but it is all for the better.

For awhile I was content with how things were. My blog was doing fairly well but I started obsessing over numbers. I wanted no NEEDED to do better. To stand out. To gain more of a following. Why? Because brands only wanted to work with bloggers who had a good following. At this time I had less than 10k followers and I decided that if I wasn't going to get collabs based on numbers then I could  get collaborations based on my content. What did that mean? That meant that I needed a better camera and a better phone.

I went from the Canon to an Olympus Em5 Mark ii and if you guys know anything about Olympus cameras is that they are pricey but it was an investment. I knew that I wanted to make a career out of blogging ( hopefully if I played my cards right ). With my upgraded camera came upgraded photos and editing styles. Which brands noticed and I began collaborating with brands with less than 10k. Granted majority of them were unpaid which was okay at FIRST because I was still trying to build my following. With the small handful of brands I was working with.....came shoutouts and being reposted on their page. Which in turn brought new followers to my page. That's when I decided to branch out.

Not only was I posting Fashion outfit posts but I started creating Flatlays, incorporating Beauty and Lifestyle posts as well. It did mean that I was taking on more work BUT I loved it! I was creating amazing content and all I was using was my Olympus Em5 Mark ii.. I was also shooting with my phone. I currently have the iPhone X and I shoot all of my flatlays and lifestyle photos with it. Honestly majority of the time I end up shooting my OOTD looks with my phone because I do a lot of editing on my phone as well so I can create a cohesive feed on my Instagram.

I promised that I was going to share how I currently edit my photos as well but I will be saving that for another blog post.

What I am trying to say is...you technically do NOT need a fancy camera to take amazing photos. Just get an amazing phone with a dope camera and take your photos.



We have ALL been there. It is the end of a long ass work day and after showering the day off of you and eating dinner...you just want to cuddle up with a good book, a glass of wine and maybe a some soft jazz in the background. Well that is NOT what I consider a relaxing night. Don't get me wrong. I love a good book and a glass of wine like everyone else but.... playing video games with music playing in the background relaxes me. Except when I lose then I get riled up but that still relaxes me.


I actually haven't read a proper good book in a while and I am DYING and I do mean DYING to change that! A lot of the book stores that were open in my area closed down which does suck so I have to venture a bit further to find a good book. I would go to a library but I have to come to the realization as an adult that I actually hate libraries.


I was walking around Georgetown and was SO surprised that they opened an Amazon Books! It has only been open for a little over a month! Going there is literally like heaven! Book heaven! There is also a small coffee shop downstairs. It was like I died and went to heaven!


Okay, I am way off track.... lets go back!


A relaxing night time routine for me would be.


Coming home.

Removing my makeup.

Changing into my PJ's ( in my case an oversized tee )

Eating ( this varies if I eat a late lunch )

Playing Video Games.

Listening to Music.

Watching Running Man.




Somewhere in there.. I am on my phone but not when I am eating dinner or playing video games. I try...TRY to stay off my phone but I tend to always fail that battle. So, there you guys have it. A short and to the point post. Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog!


If you guys read my post about 6 Fun & Cheap Things to do in DC ( if not then shame on you ) but if you did and you need a recap then you can read it here. I mentioned that the Renwick Gallery was one of my favourite local Museums to go to. The art work changes every couple of months so it is always new! I recently went again this past Thursday because I heard that there was such great new pieces so of course I had to go!

I was NOT disappointed! It was gorgeous in there and I kept finding myself snapping photos of everything. Don't even get me started on the BEAUTIFUL Temple that was created upstairs! I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I see this all the time. You have literally burnt yourself trying to come up with new blog posts or even ideas. It happens. Trust me. I used to be just like this when I decided to take a break from blogging. I was still posting on Instagram but I was REALLY trying to rack my brain to come up with posts for you guys. It was hard but then I stopped over thinking. I stopped caring whether or not people would read my blog. AS soon I changed my way of thinking. I have seen such a drastic difference. I stopped trying to fit out and I wanted to stand out instead. I started creating for myself and I have seen a big difference!

It was like all I needed was to change my mentality and ever since I did that...I have all these ideas swirling around in my head and I try to write them out as quickly as possible but my hands can only go so fast. When that happens...I tend to whip out the good ol laptop and type it out instead. Sometimes it's not even just blog titles...it's literally the entire post.. EVERY single word can be written in one sitting and sometimes that scares me. In a good way of course haha.

For example this post. I am actually sitting down in Gregory's Coffee writing this out and thankfully something told me to bring my laptop today. I have been sitting here and this is literally the 5th blog post that I have written in this spot. I also think setting contributes to how well ideas come to you as well. For me I can be anywhere and have an idea pop into my head. This ties into why I always carry my planner and my journal with me everywhere I go. Because I just never know when inspiration is going to hit me and I prefer writing on paper than typing things out on my phone. I tend to for get the shit that I write down in my notes. I literally have like 30 blog posts ideas that I wrote down in my notes on my phone and just RECENTLY remembered that they were there. See... you guys could have had BOMB blog posts if I didn't forget about it haha.


Other ways I keep my creativity flowing would be.

  • Music

  • Food

  • Coffee

  • Going for walks around the city

  • Photography

  • Shopping + Window Shopping ( lol )

  • Traveling

  • Magazines

That is just some things that helps me and I hope they could help you guys as well!


Can you believe that it is already May! We are almost halfway through with the year and I swear it still feels like it JUST turned 2018 and I JUST turned 26. I still cannot get over it. My sister is due in August again so I will be heading back to San Diego to be there for the birth of my nephew and to celebrate my Chunkster's first birthday! I cannot believe she is almost 1!

I wanted to share what I have been loving during this bipolar month of April. Whilst we were fighting with Mother Nature to actually give us Spring weather. There were so many things I actually disliked about April but in the end I guess the good outweighed the bad for me to write this post.

A quick recap of the month.

I started editing my photos differently on Instagram and I really appreciate the feedback on it for sure. I wasn't sure how that was going to be taken but I have been happy with the outcome. A few of you have been asking me on Instagram what my feed would look like in colour and I decided that I should share it with you all! After all I am super happy with it!



I came back full force this month with so many new and insightful blog posts! I definitely have my writing mojo back! To be honest I am currently writing this in my favourite coffee spot ( if you guys don't know where that is by now then you all fail ) and I feel so inspired. I think that is why I am really writing this post. Sitting in Compass Coffee ( I gave it away ) actually prompted me to start writing about local Coffee Spots around the city. I also include some spots in NYC as well since I am there quite often! I am actually going to be there next week Monday-Wednesday so I am pretty excited. Not sure if I will be able to visit a new coffee spot but I will try my best!

I also had the opportunity to attend the Ideal of Sweden World Tour event in NYC and it was amazing! I got to see my goons ( Ingrid, Joann and Vivian ) and drank bottomless Mimosas which is always a plus in my book! I did write a NYC Recap post about that day and another talking about the event itself so if you want to read those then head down to my archives and click April!

I did take a quick step back from the Beauty Tuesdays posts whilst I actually test out the products. I did have a slight reaction to one of them so I wanted the right side of my face to heal first. It wasn't bad. It just looked like I ate something that I wasn't supposed too but it only affected my right cheek lol. I know which product caused it and I am debating whether or not I should even write a review on that product because I don't think it will be a good one.

No worries though...Beauty Tuesdays will definitely pick back up for sure in May!

I do have a lot of collaborations coming your way as well & I am also thinking about going back to Youtube even though I am super awkward infront of the camera. I have to tackle that awkwardness head on!

April wasn't as eventful as I thought it was going to be so I decided that May will be alot more exciting and I will be sharing more & more with you all! Plus I will also try sharing on instastories as well. I have to get back to being somewhat sociable on social media lol!


Current Favourite Song:

Portrait by Bang Yongguk


Current Favourite Show:

Running Man


Current Favourite Food:

Spicy Miso Ramen


Current Favourite Drink:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte


Current Makeup Favourites:

Bronzer - Becca Cosmetics

Foundation - Vapour Beauty

Eyeshadow - Pixi Beauty

Lippie - NYX


Current Beauty Favourites:

Saturday Skin


Volition Beauty


Wasn't sure if I should add brands or not! I spent majority of April in my apartment lol! Maybe in May I will incorporate some of my favourite brands and what clothing pieces I loved the most.



Ah makeup. I have a love/hate relationship with it! I seriously don't really wear makeup that often and when I do it is literally a no makeup ( barely there ) look. Although to achieve my no makeup makeup look ( does that even make sense? ) I have some products that I use that helps.

I have discovered that using the best facial products help because it limits how much makeup you actually have to use. Which in my case is super beneficial!

BB Cream from Youth 

First thing I am going to be talking about is BB Cream! I decided to take a break from Foundation. I needed my skin to breathe and BB Cream was a great substitute from the NYX Matte Foundation I have been using!

I have been using shade 4 from the brand Youth from Shaklee but I recently started using a brand new Foundation from Credo Beauty called Vapor Organic Beauty. The finish is just amazing & I will do a whole review on that brand soon! If any of you guys are interested in knowing more about the brand Youth you can check out their website here!

It's Eye Time Palette

Neutral Eye shadow is my bread & butter! Especially this palette from Pixi Beauty! This is definitely one of my all time favourite eye shadow palettes at the moment. Especially for my everyday makeup but as you guys know I don't really wear makeup everyday so this is a win win for me.

I love adding a little highlight in the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear slightly bigger as well! Even though I already have big eyes lol. When I am traveling to another state or even going up to NYC ... I always make sure to have this palette with me at all times!

You can shop this Pixi Beauty Eye Shadow palette here.


When I first started wearing makeup I didn't even know that Concealer existed until I pulled an all nighter ( is this a legit word? )  in Art School and had the worst dark circles under my eyes. I looked like I got punched in each eye and I needed to rectify that immediately.

I looked up Youtube videos on how to properly use Concealer but I didn't want to use a shade that was brighter. I mean hello I was still a makeup newbie still at this point. I mean I still consider myself a newbie because let's face it...I only NOW started messing with my eyebrows. The struggle lol!

The brand that I use is C&C from Ruby Kisses. So far I haven't had any issues and it still goes with my natural look I always try to achieve whenever I do my makeup. You can purchase this Concealer here.


This is one product that I recently started using and I regret not getting this awhile ago! This Bronzer is from Becca Cosmetics and I LOVE IT! I don't wear highlight because I really want to stick with my barely there makeup and this Bronzer helps me. I get a beautiful glow without much effort!

It's a soft glow that makes me look more like the goddess I think I am in my head lol! If I can get my hands on ALL shades then my life would be complete! It is a bit pricey but it is SOOOOOO worth it! Click here to shop this beautiful Bronzer!

Lippe Stix - Grunge

Excuse the photo but one brand that I never really ever talked about would be Colourpop! One of my friends turned me onto them and from since then I have been a fan of their Brown Lippies even though technically they would be a nude on me.

Plus they are extremely affordable so ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE could buy them! This shade is literally ALWAYS sold out online because it is the best shade ever! I can link the Lippe Stix page but sadly not this shade! Click here!


I rotate Mascaras a lot but I have been leaning towards and loving this particular one from Found Beauty lately. You can actually find this brand in WALMART! Yes, you read that correctly! WALMART! One more time for the people in the back...?! WALMART! So, you guys know that this will be affordable!

You can shop this Mascara here!



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