This is the first time that I am actually doing Blogmas! To be perfectly honest I didn't even know that it was a thing. I have always known about Vlogmas and I was tempted to actually try it but then I remembered that I am crazy awkward infront of the camera sooooo that went out the window pretty quickly. I might surprise you guys with a video here and there when I get in the mood or if I ever get in the mood but until then...I am very excited to do Blogmas for you guys.

I know that I have been slacking on my blog posts and I am seriously super sorry about it. I have been giving all of my attention to Instagram and have been neglecting my blog readers. I feel really really bad so this is where I came up with the idea to try out Blogmas this year.

I want to also give a big shoutout to my blogger babe Marj for this new laptop! My old laptop started giving me problems and she had her old one just sitting there collecting dust! So, this is my first blog post with my new laptop! I can definitely say that I will be writing more now that I have this new baby!

Stay tuned for tons of awesome content coming your way lovelies!

I have been slacking tremendously on my "Beauty Tuesdays" posts even though I have gotten so many beauty products to blog about. It's safe to say that I am currently a terrible blogger at the moment. I also know that the title of this blog post has Tuesdays in it and I am definitely posting this on a Wednesday! I hope that doesn't throw you guys off. I wouldn't even be surprised if you guys unsubscribed from my blog ( I am seriously beyond thankful that you guys didn't ). I wanted to really get back into blogging for real. I know that I said that in my last blog post but then disappeared but seriously I want to! Hence why I am sorta bringing back Beauty Tuesdays. Well let me rephrase that...I am definitely bringing back Beauty Tuesdays and the first brand that I wanted to tell you guys about would be a brand called PYT Beauty.

Let me just say before I jump into this is a sponsored post BUT as you guys know all thoughts and opinions are 100% my OWN!

As you guys know by now and if you don't...I always tell you a little bit about the brand before jumping into my review of the products that I received.

PYT Beauty was created by Amy Carr and Mary Schulman. They are Friends ( bestfriends ), Boss Ladies and Conscious Consumers. I mean who wouldn't want to sit in a room with these amazing ladies and just pick their brains? I know I want to!

PYT Beauty was created by Amy Carr and Mary Schulman. They are Friends ( bestfriends ), Boss Ladies and Conscious Consumers. I mean who wouldn't want to sit in a room with these amazing ladies and just pick their brains? I know I want to![/card_text][/image_card]

PYT Beauty™ was founded by two best friends on a mission to change the face of clean beauty.

It all started when Mary’s daughter became interested in makeup. Having been an entrepreneur in the natural snack food industry, Mary was already sensitive to ingredients both in the foods we eat and the products we wear, and she wasn’t impressed by the questionable ingredients and high prices found in stores. She reached out to Amy, her friend since college with a daughter of her own. With a shared concern for harmful ingredients and a deep background in consumer insights and behavior in beauty, Amy was passionate about joining forces to tackle the challenge.

They set out to build a brand with integrity, and after more than two years of research and development and seemingly endless product trials, PYT Beauty™ was born.

Now that you lovely ladies and gents have read about how PYT was founded. I think it's time that I jump into reviewing each product. I received the Primed/Ready Mascara, No BS Eyeshadow Palette and Upgrade Highlighter!

Let's start with the Eyeshadow Palette! It's an Eyeshadow palette with a two-tone Base Shade plus 6 day to night shades!

I am a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette and I am an even bigger sucker for one that has NO tom foolery in it! Like I mentioned before...this eyeshadow has 6 different shades to choose from. Under Now there are the shades: Coffee Run, Day Trip and also shows you how to apply which shade where ( which for a makeup noob like me is needed ). Now onto Later there are the shades: Happy HR, Rooftop and 2:02am!

First impressions: The packaging is minimal which is always a plus in my book. The price-point is reasonable as well. The eyeshadow is $28 which isn't bad because with everything that comes with it and everything that goes into keeping this eyeshadow palette clean then I don't even mind the price. I think this is one brand I would gift to my own Mother.

I was never really a big fan of mascara when I first initially started wearing makeup! I just wasn't sure what the big deal was over having extremely long eyelashes. I wear glasses once in awhile so I didn't want my eyelashes rubbing up against my frames but now...I don't really care. I love having long lashes and I love using this PYT Mascara. The price-point is amazing as well! This double headed mascara is only $20! I think that is a great deal especially since you are getting a primer and the actual mascara.

First impressions: I definitely forgot that there was a primer attached to it. So, that is one thing that I have to keep reminding myself that is there. In the end I feel like I will be left with only the primer with the way I am using this particular product.

Highlighters are a makeup product that I still struggle with! I am always paranoid that I am putting on way to much so I end up sitting there contemplating whether or not I should wear any or not. Then in the end I told myself that I can start by using my fingers to apply the highlighter as apposed to the brush. Let me just say a little does go a long way with this bad boy.

First impressions: Definitely a lovely shade that I picked. I don't really find myself reaching for a Highlight during the Autumn weather because i's more gloomy and I stick to more natural makeup but I think that it's worth the $22 asking price. Like I mentioned before..a little of this particular highlight goes a long way.

I give PYT Beauty a total of 4/5 stars! I am itching for them to announce that their coming out with foundations then my life would be complete and as I am writing this...I see my Mum eyeing my Eyeshadow palette. I hope she knows that she isn't walking out with it haha.

Until next time my loves!

Oh my goodness! Can you guys believe that we made it here!? I am excited to see how many 'Let's Get Coffee' posts will be by the end of the year. According to my calendar...we have another 11 Monday's before the year is over. That is insane. Do you guys think that I can actually do it? That is going to be a lot of coffee intake! Well, to be honest it is going to be more than coffee. I am actually trying to limit my coffee intake to about maybe once a week.

I am not going to lie...the company Wanderingbear sent me a PR package of their 'Smooth Cold Brew' coffee and I have been drinking it everyday. That obviously wasn't my intention but it is so bloody good! So, whilst I am finishing up the coffee that I have home...I am going to be drinking Tea's, Smoothies and eating food at these new coffee locations. I guess that previous sentence was a way of my introducing the coffee location I recently went to. I have actually visited this coffee shop before when it first opened and I disliked their coffee so much that I just never went back but something told me to visit again since they offer a variety of things aside from coffee.

With that being said...I visited 'Joe & The Juice' for the second time since they have been opened in the DC area and of course I wanted to go. From what I have been stalking on their instagram page....their shop would definitely fit my aesthetics. I wanted to I NEEDED to go. So, I went. Remember, I said that this was my second time visiting. I am going to take a moment and tell you guys about my first visit and what I ordered before I jump into my second experience.

I went for coffee. I was curious what the buzz was about. Well, that was before I realised that their customers go there for their juices as appose to their coffee. Lessoned learned. They don't have any coffee flavours. So, it was basically just regular coffee with Almond Milk. My coffee was so bitter that NO AMOUNT of sugar could fix and it was TINY for the price that they were asking for. Needless to say...I was really disappointed in their coffee but I loved the service I got so maybe that was why I decided to go again for a second time. I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but I KNEW that I wasn't going there again for the coffee.

I ordered a juice & a spicy tuna sandwich and it was DELICIOUS! I did ask for no raspberry which they forget and added raspberry. Needless to say I never finished my juice because it was making my stomach hurt but it was still pretty good.

Oh, I have missed writing my coffee posts for you guys! The funny thing is...if you guys follow me on Instagram then you know that I have been visiting new coffee locations but I just keeping forgetting to update the blog! Which in the end makes me feel really bad because I have so many new places to tell you guys about!

Now the most important question I am asking myself is...where exactly do I start? I have been to Dolcezza, Post Coffee, Zeke's, Colony Club, The Village Cafe, Grace Street Coffee & a few repeated offenders that will remain nameless at the moment. I think though I should do each review in order. So, with that being said...I am going to start with Dolcezza.

I visited Dolcezza with my coffee companion Austin and it was my first time ever going. I ordered an Iced Latte but of course we ended up using Austin's coffee to create our amazing content for both of our Instagram pages. The photos turned out amazing and I enjoyed his company that we decided to grab coffee again but I will get into where we ended up next in another blog post.

I definitely want to go back to Dolcezza because I forgot to take some interior photos so basically all I have is coffee shots for you guys. Which sucks but it just gives me an excuse to go back.

[cap_text full="no" size="40"]In the past couple of years ( maybe like 2-3 ) Face Masks has been taking over social media by a storm!In my opinion you have to thank those amazing South Koreans who are obsessed with Beauty for their creations to maintain their flawlessly gorgeous blemish free skin & thankfully they decided to share their secrets with the world. I personally think that I started using Facial Masks a few years ago thanks to my Unnie. For you guys who don't know. Unnie means older sister in the Korean language. It a word you use for someone who is older ( they don't have to be your relative ). Well for our friendship she told me that I can call her Unnie and yeah that's what I did. She took me to Lotte Plaza which is a Korean Supermarket ( if you guys have never visited one then you NEED to) and she was telling me about all these different products that I should try. That day there was a deal on facial masks 10 for $10 and I thought that was a really amazing deal so I went a little crazy and bought up a crap ton of masks to try. [/cap_text]

Let's just say that I still buy myself the occasional face mask to pamper myself when I am having a tough week or you know just for the hell of it. You know you soak in a lovely bath, with a glass of wine and a mask mask is life! Let me not mention what they actually do for your skin. WOW! Just WOW!

This is a sponsored post but as you guys already know and if you are new to my blog then I guess I will tell you! I always tell the truth 100% in my sponsored posts. If I personally do not think that the product isn't for me or worth the price then I will say so. I strive in being 100% honest with you guys. With that also being said....if said product didn't work for me then it doesn't necessarily mean that it wont work for someone else.

[image_card full="no" align="left"][card_text background="#000000" color="#ffffff"]

A little about "Facetory" it was created by a group of mask junkies who came together to curate and run a monthly a sheet mask subscription box which is turn would be called...Facetory! [/card_text][/image_card]

I received 3 masks but I was able to pick which mask I wanted to try. Lately I have been in love with Green Tea & Tea Tree ( oils but you get the gist ). So, I wasn't surprised that each of the masks contained 1 of the 2 ingredients. Mind you there are SO SO SOOOO many options to choose from on the Facetory website ( which if you guys want to check out then you can do so here ).

The first one that I picked was 'Jeju Greentea Intensive Whitening Mask'

[columns_container type="img" style="style_one" full="no" align="right"][column_element][outfit_img src="" size="portrait"][/column_element] [column_element][shop_slider][shop_heading]Shop Facial Masks[/shop_heading]




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