I always love getting back into writing. The sound of the keys clacking & my thoughts being turned into actual words. I wouldn’t call this paper but it is the same satisfaction I get when I put pen to paper. Normally, I would sit down in a lazy Sunday and try to write 2-3 blog posts, schedule them for different days & sit back & relax but given the circumstances everyday is like a lazy Sunday. On days like today, I am thankful that I have a balcony. I can sit on it in my favorite lounge wear, a cup a tea ( it’s still slightly chilly ), & with a good book or maybe some music. 

The downfall of my balcony is that it faces the street so I tend to see/hear things that I really don’t want to. We are supposedly under quarantine but people are across the street barbecuing, walking in groups & it baffles me. Thank goodness for over the ears headphones to down all of it out but it does get my anxiety soaring sky high sometimes. I am waiting for this pandemic to be over so I could actually move into a better neighborhood with neighbors who doesn’t steal packages, have dogs peeing in the elevators ( when we’re not allowed to have dogs in our apartments ) & leaving their garbage everywhere but in the bins. 

I want considerate neighbors who doesn’t bang on drums at 1am thinking that it is okay to do so. In your house maybe but not in an apartment complex. I also don’t want to be that neighbor to file a noise complaint because I am compliant with the rules. I know that everyone is full on panic mode because of the the pandemic & whilst I am on panic mode as well I think that this is the opportunity to be kinder & considerate to everyone & to make sure everyone is doing okay. Stop hoarding things that you don’t need to hoard & share with everyone. I don’t see why you need to hoard 5 packs of toilet tissue. 

For me...I am thankful to those who took their time to reach out to me to make sure that I was okay. 🤎

Stay safe & stay considerate! 

It’s the beginning of a new week & it is sad to say that nothing much has changed. We are still under quarantine, trying to figure out our lives & trying to make the best out of this shitty situation. I think the only good thing is now we can see how many people have caught the Coronavirus in your area. Honestly, it still doesn’t mean that a lot of people in my area are taking this seriously. Since I last checked the number of cases in my area are 82 but from my balcony I can see groups of people walking around, having barbecues & going into the liquor store. 

Somethings that have been swirling around my head these days is whether or not I am being productive enough. Yesterday, I felt tears forming as I couldn’t fit into my favorite pair of jeans. I have been literally eating everything & just lounging in bed. I did start working out but once I was hit with my monthly friend...it was just hard for me to get back into the groove of things. 

I still don’t know why I am putting so much pressure on myself. I don’t feel any creative juices are thoughts running through my head. My love for creating implement flatlays that took me 1-2 minutes to create now take me about 10-15 minutes. Everything is going downhill & that’s okay. It’s okay to feel like shit. I am determined to workout, get my creative mojo back & lose this sexy double chin that has blessed my now extremely round face. 

Stay home & stay safe 🤎

I am now well under 4-5 weeks into self-isolation & things are slowly ( & boy do I mean slowly ) getting easier. You would think given the amount of time I have currently spent at home that I would pick up a new hobby, deep clean my apartment, learn a new language, workout etc. In reality, I hav been sitting in bed, watching TV, playing video games & taking occasional walks outside around my neighborhood ( still social distancing for sure ) & to be honest that is perfectly okay.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have some sort of routine but I was never a routine kinda gal but I feel like rather than judging people who haven’t gotten their shit together during this pandemic then so be it. I did throw myself into a new project ( cough cough Youtube which you guys can subscribe here ) & I am finding that spending time & throwing myself into different creative projects...are kinda wonderful. 

Honestly each day tends to bring a different wave of emotions. One day I am feeling pretty motivated & that I accomplished a lot that I had on my lists but then we have other days where I just want to lay in bed all day, munching on snacks and watching Korean dramas. I am learning to just go with it rather than force myself. If my body wants to relax all day then I will relax all day. I am NOT going out & I am not spending money unless it is for necessities. One thing I told myself that I wanted to try was waking up & working out every morning to start the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I will but I feel like that could be a habit I could start. It is perfectly okay in these uncertain times. 

There is way to much pressure especially on social media right now to be doing something. Whether it’s finding new hobbies, shooting content of their homes, playing Animal Crossing & socializing on House Party which I mean do you guys. I feel perfectly content watching TV from the comfort of my bed & recording & editing videos. 

It is okay if you take a day to do ab-so-lute-ly nothing & just a heads up...it is OKAY to not do anything everyone else is doing. This is the perfect time to really get to know ourselves. Spend this time looking after yourself & be happy with the little accomplishments that you do everyday. 

We’re all human. Stay safe 🤎

Wow, I never thought that I would be sitting here writing this post. I am not sure why I subjected myself to a little over 2 hours of possibly the worst movie I have ever watched & believe me when I say I have watched my fair share of terrible movies. The movie I am talking about is " Gintama ". Now you might be thinking...that title sounds so familiar well yeah...that is because it's based on the anime of the same name. A live-action as some would say. I am a huge anime fan. I grew up watching nothing but anime because my Mum was also such a huge fan. Dragon Ball Z, Big O, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bepop, etc.

I actually watched a few live-action anime movies & whilst I knew that they were going to be complete & utter GARBAGE...I personally think that there was only ONE to ever surprise me & that was the Bleach live-action. It didn't make my eyes bleed & my brain into mush. That wasn't the case with Gintama. Now, I personally work in the production industry as a production assistant so I can definitely spot things quite easily that make comments on things that should definitely be improved upon. Let's start with a little background about this particular movie. It was released in 2017 & I know that we have definitely come a LONG LONG way when it comes to CGI graphics but oh my goodness it was so bad in this movie I couldn't stop laughing. IT. WAS. BAD. Point blank period. I don't think that there is anything that I could say to make it sound any better.

The acting itself wasn't even better. The overdramatization of the characters made a shiver crawl up my spine. I am not sure who thought creating this into a live-action was a good idea but that person probably needs a long vacation. I personally think that they were REALLy trying to stick with everything from the anime & condense it into 2 hours but oh my goodness. I literally starting tearing up a little because it was so bad & my sister called me...I told her how horrible it was & the tears just subconsciously started falling. Why did I subject myself to something that has 20% Rotten Tomatoes?! Yeah, definitely a glutton for punishment. Don't take my word for it...I will leave the trailer down below for you guys to check it out yourselves.

Overall I do not recommend watching this movie. I cannot even pass it off as comedic relief it was just so damn annoying. I really want the 2 hours I wasted watching this crap back & I wish HULU would take this shit off of their platform because it's garbage.

0/5 rating. I wouldn't even recommend this movie to someone who I don't even like.

I am not sure about anyone else but I am feeling all over the place. Every morning I wake up feeling different than the previous day. I don’t feel as motivated as I should feel in fact I have been feeling pretty low. Don’t get me wrong...I had my fair share of working from home before the pandemic but I was able to work in coffee shops, meet up with friends & walk around the city.

The days seem to blend into one another. I am actually working on creating more content for my YouTube channel & it feels nice just testing out my creative juices on a new platform. In all honesty though...I do miss my first love. Writing. Blogging was my first creative platform & I feel like I should get back into writing more during this pandemic. 

I want to definitely develop new habits during this pandemic. I found that making lists helps. Anything that gets me to write helps. I started exercising again & I have been feeling great about it. I take walks around my neighborhood for fresh air & to just stretch my legs. Being cooped up indoors all day can definitely put a damper on my mood. 

Currently there are a lot of apps are free right now since a lot of people are either working from home or have unfortunately been laid off. Hopefully, I will get back into writing more even if it’s just sharing some of my inner thoughts, home wish lists, spring fashion lists etc. 

I love being open with you guys on here ( & over at @lelondonchic ) on my little space on the internet & I hope to continue to keep it up from now on. 

Keep Safe🤎


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