You have seen my instagram posts, my instagram stories and the million photos I have posted about Compass Coffee. No, I am not an ambassador that gets paid to talk about them ( although that would be great ) but I genuinely love visiting Compass Coffee. I remember coming here for the very first time ( even though majority of the staff has changed ) I immediately felt as peace. They were patient with me as I checked out their menu to make sure I was ordering something I knew that I was going to love. I think it was around that time when I met Paul as well. 

I didn't mention Paul before or maybe I did and he is reading this post right now...rolling his eyes with a cheeky smile on his face. Paul was sweet ( he still is ) and he was one of the first baristas at Compass besides Ana who remembered my name and now remembers my order. I mean only order one usual. Everyone knows now. I don't even have to say anything ( unless the person behind the counter is new ). I am sure majority of you guys know my order as well. Medium Iced Caramel Soy Latte with lots of ice. Extra, extra ice...especially with this deadly heatwave we have been having. 

Where some people will order their coffee and leave. I continuously visit Compass for the atmosphere. I enjoy talking to the baristas. They are always so sweet and always have a smile on their faces. I legit always feel like I am home. Hence why I always say that I am visiting my second home. 

Even though there are more coffee shops opening up in DC and definitely more spots I can check out and blog about. I will always find myself coming back to the homey feeling whenever I walk into Compass and I didn't realize it until now but that is something I look for now whenever I visit a new coffee spot. 

Do I feel a sense of peace once I walk through the door? Are the baristas friendly? Do they make you feel welcomed? 

I will be picking up my coffee series again. I am not sure why I stopped in the first place but I love coffee and I love introducing new places for you guys to check out if you are ever visiting the city. I will be really busy for the next couple of months but I promise I will be updating the blog as much as possible. 

I miss talking to you guys and I miss being able to sit down and write out 4-5 blog posts in one day to schedule for you guys. In 2 days it will be September! I didn't fulfill my promise about writing a post everyday whilst I was in San Diego but I will TRY to go back to posting 2-3 times a week. Key word is TRY which is why it's all in CAPS lettering. 

Remember that coffee is good for the soul. 

Sweat and sadness. That's what I think about when it comes to Summer. It legit makes me so depressed that I cannot think straight. Not at the moment though because I am currently sitting in Compass Coffee sipping on my usual BUT in a reusable cup that I bought off of Amazon. It was recommended by another blogger/graphic designer that I follow on Instagram. Her name is Jamie ( you can check out her instagram here )  and she always recommends items that I love and definitely need in my house. Plus who doesn't want to save the planet!? If you guys want to reduce how much plastic cups you use from all of the coffee that you drink that I have placed some below. The one I am using however you can buy here

Wait...I am getting a little bit off track but I really did want to share that little tid bit you guys. The main reason I am over Summer is because I am ready for pullovers ( light knits ) and booties. I dislike sweating ( unless I am at the gym or hiking...mainly something that requires me to sweat ) especially in a cute outfit. Pit sweat isn't sexy and the funk that comes after once your deodorant wares off isn't pleasant. I am ready to walk around the city in the evenings with a cool breeze. 

I am ready for Hot Chocolate ( but lets be real I will still be drinking Iced Coffee even with cooler/colder weather ), Ramen and other delicious food that eating in the Summer is a terrible idea! 

My personal style for Summer is definitely more towards the comfort, stylish and very VERY minimal! I do not follow the less is more rule unless it pertains to my jewelry. I hate being hot but since my very MASSIVE wardrobe purge...I have gotten picky with what I wear and how I style them. I kept basic minimal pieces that I personally know wont go out of style. I want to be trendy but all of the trends that are currently coming around aren't me and they were never me. I think I wore animal print ONCE in my life and it was a maxi dress. I wore it on a date then never wore it again. My Summer staples definitely consisted of basic tee shirts, midi skirts, ripped jeans ( skinny & culottes ), sneakers, and my fav jewelry ( currently obsessed with gold ). 

I personally think that this is the last post that I will be writing until September. Who knows though. There is an event that I am going to tomorrow ( currently writing this from Compass Coffee to post today ) and I might write a recap or post a shit ton of photos for you guys to view. I haven't actually decided yet. The best thing about blogging on wordpress is the fact that I can blog from anywhere with the app. Which saves me from having to drag my laptop around all the time. 

My last week in San Diego wasn't as eventful as I wanted it to be. Promises were broken and the lack of sleep and creativity were very existent. Any creative ideas that I had were definitely shot to shit and well when I don't feel creative....nothing can really get me out of that funk. Hence another short break from social media. 

I know that I told you guys...I wasn't going to take another social media break and believe me when I say that I had SO many things planned this time around but dealing with my niece and a newborn baby takes a lot out of a person. 

I wasn't actually going to write any words to this post but I decided "what the hell". So, with that being said. I hope that you guys enjoy my photo diary! For this last San Diego post I wanted to share some of the items that I brought along with me ( I am currently back in DC and I haven't unpacked yet ). I also did some shopping whilst I was there so I will definitely be sharing the items I got soon! 

Here is one post that I have been contemplating writing for some time now. I wasn't sure if this post was going to make me sound petty or anything but then when I thought about it....I didn't care if I came across as petty for writing this post. Why? Well for one thing...this is & will forever be MY blog! My words and MY feelings. Which definitely matter here in this safe space. I have definitely learned my lesson when it comes to trusting way to easily. To put it simply "I refuse to trust anyone off the bat anymore". 

Many of you would be asking yourselves why? What happened to her to feel that way? There was a situation that happened that did put me over the edge to stop allowing people to walk all over me. I started expressing my dissatisfaction on certain things and in the end...not only did my 'oh she's always happy and willing to do anything' turn into 'omg when did she become a bitch' but I started smiling less & talking less.

In reality I only became a "bitch" because I was no longer bending over backwards or doing handstands for anyone anymore. I stopped working for free and started asking for payments and I stopped going out of my way for people who didn't even deserve a hello from me. 

Was that wrong of me? No! If anything...I was the one kicking myself down trying to be nice and happy all the time when the same people I was bending over backwards for didn't care whether or not I had a roof over my head or if I was homeless as long as I did whatever was needed of me.

I was sick of it and sick of myself. I felt low. They didn't care about I didn't care about me. I allowed myself to get to a place of true unhappiness and when I needed someone to help me dig my way one was there. 

I knew that I needed to make a change for the better. I was no longer going to be trusting right off the bat ( as I stated above ). I was going to let people work for my trust. I was still going to be nice ( because let's face it...I am a nice person ) but respectable nice. Is that even a real thing or I am making things up now lol. I would always respect someone who respects me but if something doesn't sit right with me then I wont bite my tongue either. I express myself and I don't think I will ever go back to allowing people to walk all over me again.

 Outfit Details

Denim  Jacket - Forever 21

Tee - Humility Clothing

Linen Pants - H&M

Sneakers - Rocketdog Footwear

Glasses - Sunglass LA

Okay, well today was a bit more uneventful. We didn't go out today because the jetlag was just way to real. I was exhausted and I was definitely watching my Niece for majority of the day. For some odd reason I was just her favourite today. Which isn't bad and I didn't mind but it was definitely a little weird to me. 

I did want to go hiking today but we are definitely going tomorrow so I will have a great vlog coming and tons of amazing photos to post for you guys. 

Today wasn't a total bust though. I did receive the cutest package from a brand called "Aloette". As you know and like I ALWAYS say...even though this is a sponsored post...all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 

A little background about Aloette. They pride themselves on creating products and opportunities that makes a difference for your skin, your community and the environment. Their products contain the best botanical ingredients that work for all ages and skin types. 

Sounds pretty awesome right? 

That isn't what this post is about though. I wanted to tell you guys about their new subscription program called A-List! A-List is different than other subscription boxes. By being an A-Lister you will receive a box loaded with FULL SIZED Beauty and Skincare products. Many of them being limited edition and being an get first dibs before anyone else! A-Listers also get a unique surprise gift in box  as well. I mean talk about a win win! 

Every time that you get a A-List box you "Get to Give" your support to programs that help empower women ( & you guys know I am all about women empowerment ) all over the globe through the Heifer International program. One last addition to the bi-monthly beauty box, all A-Listers receive a 15% discount on ALL full priced products on the Aloette website plus exclusive support from the Aloette Beauty Consultants! 

Tell them by being an A-Lister, they will receive a box loaded with full-sized beauty and skincare products – many of these being limited-edition products that A-Lister's get before anyone else! Let them know that there will ALWAYS be a unique, surprise gift in the box – something we are obsessing over right now! Explain to your followers that every time you get you’re A-List box, you "Get to Give" your support to programs that help empower women all over the globe through Heifer International. In addition to the bi-monthly beauty box, all A-Lister's receive a 15% discount on all full-priced products on the Aloettewebsite, exclusive support from an Aloette Beauty Consultant, plus much more!

The box I got contained a 5 Piece Brush Collection set, Look Alive Eyeshadow Primer, Little Black Book of Glam Eyeshadow Palette ( which is actually a limited edition item and not available online ) and my surprise gift was a beautiful Feathered Bracelet from Luca+Danni

I actually haven't had the chance to try the products yet but once I do...I will write a very detailed review on each item like I normally do! I definitely will be bringing me "Beauty Tuesdays". 

Oh hello there my dear lovely readers! The first day os San Diego is always super chill. Why? Well mainly because of jetlag and the fact that I am/was super exhausted. I don't want to go hiking, do touristy things ( yet that is ) and I surely don't want to do that much walking in the heat. 

Today started a tad bit late because for some odd reason my Niece didn't want to sleep. Around 3 am though she finally stopped crawling around my face and passed out. How...I think she just started winding down after awhile even though it was way past her bedtime! 

Our first stop was Aldi to grab a little bit of groceries before getting everything else from Walmart. The funny thing is...even though we eat out sometimes. We tend to cook more when we travel to save money for other things like...hiking, aquariums etc. 

Then we visited this amazing Salad Buffet called 'Souplantation' ( okay even I know that the name is weird ) but oh my goodness the salads there ( you can create your own and it's all you can eat which includes soups and dessert. This is a restaurant that my Mum and I will be visiting again before we leave to go back to Washington DC. 

We ended the day with a scenic drive and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather. I can definitely say that I have a cute little video coming to IGTV soon! Tomorrow will be so much better! My Mum and I have a few things planned and I was debating on whether or not I should share them on instagram stories but then I wouldn't have anything to post for IGTV! 

Who knows! I will think about everything when I wake up tomorrow! Sorry about my super short and boring post. I promise I will have more exciting things for you guys!

This is the very first post that I am writing for the blog whilst in San Diego but let me be completely honest. I am actually sitting down at the airport writing this post because my Mum and I arrived a few hours early and I needed something to do. I was thinking of what kind of post I wanted to write and this topic just randomly came to mind. So, I guess that I wanted to share this specific topic with you all because let's face it there are some people who have actually never actually been on a airplane before. 

A few months ago....I think I mentioned that I was taking or took ( past tense and what not ) an impromptu trip to California ( San Diego ) alone because of a family emergency. Now here is the tricky part because I, myself am not sure what happened or what triggered it. I could honestly blame it on the Iced Caramel Soy Latte that I purchased from Starbucks and drank right before boarding that triggered my panic attack or it could be the fact that I was flying alone after never flying for 10 years. This is where it gets a little tricky. I actually flew the year before with my Mum to San Diego and I was fine. So, who bloody knows. All I know is....I wasn't happy and nothing besides sleeping could help me.

This is actually one of those posts where I tell you that there are actually some amazing and kindhearted people in the world. Something that a little part of me lost faith in. Why? Because sometimes being a genuine kindhearted person can turn around and bite you in the ass. I have recently learned that the hard way. Anyways, I am not going to get into that story right now. Why? Well I feel like I am going slightly off track and I wouldn't want this post to be any longer than it actually is going to be.

Ahem. Like I was saying...I had a slight panic attack. Okay, maybe saying slight is a little under reaction. It was huge. It started at the airport before I boarded. I just felt my heart beating extremely fast like I was going to pass out. I called my Mum and she tried to calm me down which didn't work. After my first layover flight...I was panicking even more. I ended up throwing up 3 times on the flight, crying and I couldn't stop shaking. There was a very nice lady who was sitting in front of me turned around and she held my hand and helped me level my breathing. I was sitting in between 2 older gentlemen who were checking up on me throughout the flight. 

I was so thankful for them and the flight attendant who made her duty to check up on me and make sure that I was comfortable. She was the real MVP to be honest. I couldn't thank her enough for the ginger ale to try and calm my stomach and my soul. 

This is my third time flying to San Diego...and this time was better. I didn't panic and I was actually able to somewhat sleep ( which only means that I was placed next to a crying, kicking, head butting ). I personally think that I am ready to fly alone since I am getting used to it.

Thank you for allowing me to share this little short story with you all. There will be another blog post up today ( even though I posted this around 3 am San Diego time ). I wonder what wonderful story I will be sharing with you guys this time! 

OH, my goodness. I cannot believe that July is over. I am not going to lie. July was pretty uneventful. I didn't do much when it came to leaving my apartment and was barely writing anything on the blog or posting on social media. I wanted a break from things until my "vacation". Even though lets be real...when you work in social never really get a real "vacation".

I finally booked my ticket to San Diego. There was a big debate on whether or not I was going to go again but in the Mum and I ( who will be my photographer for this trip again ) decided on going.

I have been adding some inspirational quotes to some of my photos on instagram and you guys seem to be loving them as much as I am! Doesn't it just make you feel slightly better? That goes for anyone...even if you are in a great mood. It will make you feel better! Trust me.

I decided that whilst I am in San Diego...I will be posting a new a blog post a day! So, that means you guys will have a new blog post for 2 weeks along with vlogs! I am hoping to get my creative mojo back whilst I am there and well I did last time. I had so much new things to share with you guys. Hopefully this time...we will get to venture to more new and beautiful places.

Also...I am currently sitting in Compass Coffee ( which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone anymore ) writing this out before the month actually ends ( today is the 31st of July ) and I couldn't be happier with myself. I definitely posted June's recap so late and I wanted to knock this one out before I head to San Diego and started bombarding you guys with photos and of course vlogs!

July Favourite Song:

Frozen : Sabrina Claudio

July Favourite Show:

Terrace House ( It's on Netflix )

July Favourite Food/Snack: 

Vegan Tenders ( soooo good! )

July Favourite Drink:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte ( my usual )

July Makeup Products:

Eyeshadow - Real Her Makeup

Foundation - Lancome

Eyebrow Pencil - NYX

Lippie - NYX Lingerie

Blush - Real Her Makeup

Concealer - Vapour Beauty

July Beauty Products:

Saturday Skin

Babor Rose Toner

Bliss Clay Masks


Shop Current Beauty Favs:

Shop New In My Wardrobe:

Shop Current Makeup Favs:

Hi lovelies, this is the last post that I am writing from my apartment before I leave for San Diego! I know in my last post I mentioned that I was going to attempt writing/posting a new blog post everyday whilst I am there. This is mainly because I wanted to get back into writing. I miss it. Normally it was pen to paper but now that I have a new laptop ( refurbished not brand new ) I love the way my fingers feel grazing across the keys. Honestly's like something takes control and I cannot stop the words from pouring out.

I think it has been awhile since I have created a wishlist post....please feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I wanted to get a head start on a slight Fall wardrobe revamp. As some of you guys know ( who follow me on instagram ) I went through a whole wardrobe purge and I don't mean the ones I normally do when I want to make room for new things. I created a slightly larger "Capsule Wardrobe" which is basically things that I can wear all year around without them going out of style.

I wanted to share some items from a few different places. From Missguided, to H&M, Urban Outfitters and I even threw in some Forever 21 for you guys! Happy shopping and see you beautiful people in California! I also added some items that I have been crushing on for my home revamp as well.




Forever 21

Urban Outfitters




I talk about how I am constantly revamping my wardrobe but I never really talked about revamping my apartment until now. I live in a cute but extremely spacious studio apartment ( seriously it's pretty massive for a studio ). When I first moved in and I didn't have any furniture yet ( sad I know ) I was literally doing cartwheels. For reference I am about 5'5 or 165cm. So, that should give you guys a general idea of how tall I am lol.

I have been living here for about 3 and a half years and I think it is time for a serious re-do. My main colours were white, grey and a pop colour ( I chose teal now I regret ). Right now my apartment is all over the place and I feel like it is contributing to my lack of creativity lately. I have literally been staring at the same shit ( give or take ) for awhile now and some have to go.

Some of the inspiration is from Ikea, H&M Home, Urban Outfitters and I even included some photos from Pinterest to give you guys an idea of what I was going for.




There is literally like a whole category of images that I saved for inspiration from pinterest. That website has EVERYTHING you need on there. From beauty, home, etc. You name it! I actually got the idea of my  "capsule wardrobe " from another blogger BUT I came across examples and ideas from pinterest. Which shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you lovelies! The downfall is that my apartment is carpeted so I have to try and work around that. I wish that I could actually pull up the carpet cause I seriously hate it!


Well there you guys have it...I will bring you along when I start the revamp process. Debating on whether or not I should wait and see if I find a bigger apartment ( fingers crossed for a 2 bd one ) if not then I will settle on a 1bd with maybe a Den? Who knows!


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